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We provide a Specialist Guard Dog and Family Protection Dog selection service within The UK, supplying trustworthy guard dogs for your family and property.

Natural Guardian? Or Personal protection dog?

Do you need a natural guarding dog? Or do you need a trained personal protection dog?

In my opinion, and in my experience, a natural guardian generally comes from livestock guardians. Examples of these types of dogs are the Central Asian Shepherd, Kangal or otherwise known as the Anatolian Karabash, Maremma sheepdog an Italian Shepherd dog, Caucasian Shepherd dog, Cani Di Mannara a Sicilian Shepherd dog, to name but a few.

Livestock guardians have been around for thousands of years to independently look after their livestock generally. So all of these breeds will guard against predators, but in our selection, we select those that guard against man, sees man as a threat, which is a difficult trait to find.

So an example of this is, out of 10 pups born, you will be lucky to find two that will innately guard against man.

In our selection of livestock guardians there are different levels of guardians, that can be classified as:

A 1st choice is a dog that has a balance of 50% distrust and 50% courage, his role will be to patrol, and fiercely deter an intruder.

A 2nd choice dog is a dog that may have more distrust than courage an example of this is 60% distrust and 40% courage his role would be to patrol, alarm, and let you know someone is there, though never to be underestimated.

Something important to remember within the livestock guardians selected to do a job is that they do this without any training, it is a natural instinct.

In my opinion this is a serious dog and should be placed in the right environment. A good environment for such dogs are farms, smallholdings, houses with large gardens preferably in rural areas.

Not suitable to urban areas, with a safe area strong fencing, to keep his family safe, and innocent passers-by safe.

The important thing is to select correctly, have a expert select for you.

A trained guard dog

These are dogs that are easily trained and like command and leadership. Examples of these dogs, in my opinion, are in these breeds, German Shepherds, Belgian shepherds, Dobermans, Cane Corso’s, to name but a few. Again selection is paramount, so let the experts help you choose, it’s not as easy as just selecting a breed that is supposed to guard, and this type of guardian are more suited to be kept in urban areas.

But expert training is an absolute must, because a badly trained protection dog, can be very dangerous  in the wrong hands, or trained by inexperienced people, is like having a loaded gun.

We are passionate about guard dogs, all our dogs and puppies are selected to ensure you are getting the correct dog for your needs.
Prices for a natural guardian, selected from livestock guardians:

Start at £1000
up to a maximum of £3000

Prices for a personal protection dog, depending on the selection and his abilities start from:

£2000 up to £7000

My role and expertise is to help you find such a dog, in guiding you in managing, or training, in all areas.

So after our initial contact, and assuming we can help with what you are looking for I would visit your home or where your dog will be kept, to ascertain if the environment is right, and to guide you in the preparation of the arrival of your dog.

The fee at this point would be a minimal £100 refunded if we supply you with a dog.

I am often asked this question:

Do I need 1 dog or 2 dogs?

In my opinion if you are selecting a dog from the livestock guardians to guard your territory, I think it is important to keep a pair, but if you can only have one dog, let it be a male, but having a female alongside him elevates his guarding instincts, he now has his territory to guard, and his female, and I think it is important if you are keeping such a dog outside doing a job, that he should have a companion one from his own species.

If you are choosing a personal protection dog, that will live in your home with you, then I believe one dog is sufficient.

More info about us.

Anneka Svenska from Animal Watch talks to Nino about The Central Asian Shepherd dog.

If all requirements are met and you would like one of our dogs please call Nino on 07956 589059 Or email to arrange a meeting or to visit us.

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